614 KIDS

welcome to kids church!

We are so glad you’re here! We believe that there is no Junior Holy Spirit! Because of that, we teach our kids that no matter what age they are they can encounter God in a real way. We want to empower our kids to pray with authority and fearlessly worship! At this time, our Powerpack class (6mo-3yrs) is offered during both the 9AM and 11AM while all other class groups are offered only at the 11AM.


Infants are welcome to join us at 6 months.


PowerPack: 6mo-3yr; Bolt: preschool-k; Charge: 1st-5th grade


Volunteers have all been background checked and trained to work with the kids.


A volunteer will assist you with using our electronic check-in system. We will ask basic information to better serve your child and provide necessary communication if need-be during the service. If it is your first time to 614 Kids fill out this form so that we are ready for you!


We teach a bible based curriculum, with age appropriate content for 6 months of age through 5th grade.


At 614 we value children learning to worship God wholeheartedly. Your children will have 20-30 minutes of worship in thier own kids space before heading to individualized age classrooms!

1st-5th grade


what services times is kids church offered?

Powerpack (6mo-3yrs) is offered in both the 9AM and 11AM services. Every other class group is only offered during the 11:00AM at this time.

what does check in and check out look like?

you’ll find our team ready to greet you at the door! check in begins at 10:45AM. check out lasts until 12:30PM following service end. check-out requires the matching ticket you received during check-in so please make sure whoever comes to pick up the kids has the ticket.

what is the security in the kids church space?

upon checking in your child, you will receive a parent tag ticket that permits you to ender the kids area. This ticket will be required in order to pick up your child, as well. all the doors to the kids rooms will be closed and secured and kids are not permitted to leave the area unless an adult with the associated ticket comes to get them.

my child is nervous, can I stay in the classroom with them?

Because our kids church area is a secure area, only our background checked team members are permitted in the classrooms. If your child needs your attention, we will contact you via text message. you are able to take your child into the cry room to watch service or back to the sanctuary with you.

how will you get ahold of me if my child needs me?

you will receive a text message to the number you provide at check in.

are your Servant Leaders background checked?

yes. regardless of the role they play, every adult who serves in our kids area has passed a background check. we prohibit any adult from being alone with a child who is not background checked.

does my child need anything with them?

if your child is still in diapers, we recommend bringing a diaper back and bottle/cup. we provide a nut-free, allergy sensitive snack in each class.

what if my child has allergies?

if your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know at check in. this information is printed on their name tag to ensure your child’s safety upon snack time.

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