Welcome to our the 614 Blog!

Welcome to our the 614 Blog!

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted blog entries, and we’re starting fresh. At this point, one could call it being ‘vintage’ I suppose! So much has happened at 614 since we started just over 4 years ago, too much to go into here, but we do encourage you to check out the website (link it), and our Facebook (link it), and Instagram (link it) pages to stay up to date!  For now, as we’re wrapping up 2018, we’re super excited about the Christmas Eve Service (link it to the event you created) happening this coming Sunday night!

A year end is a time for reflection, and as I reflect right now, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His work in my life, and Him moving in so many lives in our church community.  Check out this video below to get caught up on what 2018 felt like.  We recently shared this at our 4th Birthday Celebration!

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