What is an Elder?

What is an Elder?

Feb 12th, 2017, we had the great privilege of adding another couple to our Eldership Team.  Matt and Ashley Myers were set-in to our team and we were so excited to celebrate this day.  The Myers have been a part of the church since the very early days.  They are both from the Columbus area and carry a real passion for this church and this city.  They have 2 boys, Asher and Jesse.  This blog entry will briefly explain what we believe the Bible teaches about local church governance.

  • Firstly, the New Testament talks about Elders, Shepherds, Overseers, and Pastors interchangeably.  We believe this refers to the same person, the same role.  In our local culture, most people refer to the person leading the church as a Pastor, so we will use the word Elder or Pastor interchangeably as well.
  • Secondly, we also see that local churches were run by a team of elders.  That is the same model we wish to use at 614 Church.  Kathy and I will continue to lead the eldership team.  There is not a separate elder board.  Elders, we believe, are the highest human authority in the church.  This is why it is important for us to function as a team, 
  • Thirdly, it appears in scripture that Paul, or one of his traveling companions “set” elders in place, or “ordained” them.  We also wish to honor this model wherever possible.  To this point, we have invited Terry Kreuger (Redemption City Church in Denver, CO) to ordain Matt and Ashley into this role.  Terry has been co-eldering with me and Steve Sudworth (Church In The City, in Chicago, IL) since our beginning.  Terry and Steve both serve on the New Covenant Ministries International Team and provide great input, and coverage for us as a church and a team. Elders are responsible before God to lead the church well, to serve the church, to set direction, to teach doctrine, and to provide boundaries for the church to operate within.  Elders are not the ones who do everything.  We passionately believe that a church is made up of members, not consumers.  That each member plays a part, has a gift, has a calling.  Each member is a “priest” before God.  Each member has a unique contribution to make!
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