What’s on your calendar?

What’s on your calendar?

Last time I checked my “screen time” app on my phone, I was averaging 81 “phone pickups” per day, with an average of 100 notifications per day! And that is after I’ve spent the last few months trying to limit my amount of “screen time” through taking notifications off, and deleting social media apps every few days (they somehow re-appear automatically)! I don’t think I’m too different from the average phone uses these days, which means all of us!  With that in mind, how do we live out the instructions to “meditate on the word of God daily” which we see God tells Moses and Joshua to do repeatedly.  How do we “keep ourselves according to the word of God” when we have so little time to get the word of God into our hearts and minds?

The bottom line is intentionality. The only way we get to “fill our minds” with Him, His word, His ways, is to get on a plan, put it into your schedule, get it into your routine, put it in your play list, get deliberate about feeding on the most important information and revelation you will ever need to know!

It’s December 31, perhaps you’ve already started thinking about your new year’s resolutions. I encourage you to get deliberate about this in 2019. Your phone has some great apps to help. The YouVersion Bible App is one of the most downloaded apps on the app store. Get it for free, and it contains many different plans that you can pick, that notifies you, and keeps you on track. Another website, and there are so many, could be:http://oneyearbibleonline.com/

Lastly, go to your bookstore, or online bookstore to buy a paper copy.  This is my personal favorite, as I get to write in it, underline it, make notes, and it keeps my “notification count” low on my phone. 

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